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  The Creation of  Timebyte...


Notes on - Image Capture 

( Mostly in the Natural World )
Capturing Moments, is how I would best describe the process of gathering my Images.
Anything that is interesting, beautiful, majestic, dramatic, atmospheric, or just downright quirky gets my attention, & has a good chance of being captured ( previously on Film ) but now on a Digital sensor. producing plentiful Pixels.

There is certainly all of the above, & more contained in the Natural World.
Also, there is a World
( or even a Universe ) encapsulated in an intricate Leaf, an exquisite Bloom,
or the gnarled Bark of a Tree.
It is all there to be observed & hopefully valued.

It's all about Capturing Moments, hence the name Timebyte ....... A Digital Slice of Time.



This is   Image 5  &  Timebyte Images. 

Based in Woburn Sands, for more than 25 years.
 specializing in English Scenic and Seasonal Images, plus a few curious Creatures.

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*** Check this out for a Holiday Destination...        Trillium     


   In the vast amazing void that is the Galaxy, if  there exists such a place as the Scrag End 

( sort of Cosmic Oxbow lake )  then this is it.       Planet Trillium. 


The Location.

If you hang a Left by Vega & continue a short trek on ( 300 million Light Years ) then you can't miss it.

 There is a huge sign hanging over it stating…  Definitely - No Naked Smoking…read on to find out why.


The Planet.

Trillium, is a Mega Gargantuan Triangular Body, bit like a huge slightly misshapen Cosmic chunk of Toblerone, but with all the solid consistency of Lumpy Porridge.

Each aspect of Trillium features a different topography, however all 3 are influenced by the immense atmospheric pressure exerted by the Oxygen, 2% Helium* 60% Methane 38% mix in the Planet's Ozone  

 * everyone speaks in a High Voice.


   It Orbits ( in a kind of Hokey Kokey way ) a small feeble washed out Sun,    

( it would flinch if it ever saw a lit candle ) bit like a Glow Worm in a Guinness bottle, but despite this, it hosts

 a wide & assorted Flora & Fauna.  ( they cling on just out of spite )

The Ocean.

On one side is the vast expansive & exotic PurplePink Cificap Ocean, formed, over many years from millions of gallons of Salt Water Crocodile Tears ( very Salty, but healthy it's Lo Salt ) with thin wispy Pink & White Clouds slowly sweeping by above, covering an area of approx. 300 Tridecs**  but it's only 3 ft. deep.   

 The surface of this Ocean is as Flat, Tranquil & undisturbed as a Mill Pond, all the turmoil & Wave action is playing out on the Seabed.           * *A Tridec =  3 to the power 10 

Creatures inhabiting the Cificap Ocean include, Sickly Squid, Sorrowful Orange Sole, Chronic Crocodile, 

the 3 Finned Slimy


The Forest.

Another side hosts the magnificent Labyrinthine, Turquoise OrangeGreen Slime Forests of Dummerdoom.± 

 Large swathes of the Forest are en-robed in an Eau de Nil Fluorescent Slime.

No Tree is less than a Thousand years old, they have deeply gnarled Bark & Branches, choc full of character, with expansive spreading Canopies, but they are only 3 ft high.    ± makes the Amazon Rainforest look like an Allotment.


Creatures inhabiting the Forests of Dummerdoom are Sibilant Snake, Sloppy Sloth, Lemonutang, &  

 3 Toed Slimy Grockelbots.     

Just a word on...

 3 Toed Slimy Grockelbots ( just 3 toes, no legs or feet ) strange mini balloon like creatures, could be mistaken for a Deflated Ego, or @ a pinch a Mouldy Orange, beady little eyes, 3 of them, if you can imagine the offspring of a Rubbery Hot Water Bottle getting it on with a Whoopee Cushion. then your not far off the mark. they sport a wrinkly prehensile trunk like proboscis which they use to Dyson up the Slime, their skin secretes a Purple sticky fluid, & they have the complexion akin to that of a Cane Toad,  they also suffer from terminal flatulence & have all the lilting charm of a Verruca. 

    They make super Household Pets. 

 The Mountains.

The Sayalamih Mountains are a  truly wonderful site, sprawling across one side of the Planet for what seems a lifetime, but, you guessed it, only 3 ft high.  

Also, the odd thing is, they are not topped with Snow, but tons & tons of Sand, cause when the Planet has only 3 sides allocated  in turn to... ( Ocean, Forest, Mountains ) where does one put the Desert?   

It's the only Mountain Range where your likely to see Camels.   

Creatures inhabiting the Sayalamih Mountains include, Carrier Bag Camels, Mumbling Marmot, Exquisite Elegant Eagle,


The Rivers,

 that flow through the Forest & Mountain regions consist of Vodka, Vermouth, & Vimto, in a sort of Martini shaken not stirred kind of way. (they are also Paranoid & will flow quickly in either direction to escape a non existent threat, Gravity hasn't been invented yet.)

Every now & then you can spot a Giant Olive skewered on a Toothpick float by.

The lakes,

 are luxurious, to the edge of the Forests of Dummerdoom & with the Sayalamih Mountains as a backdrop, they are absolutely superb, all full of Custard… just 3 ft. deep.

(sometimes they develop a Skin on top, which can make water skiing a bit tricky.)


There you have it the   Planet Trillium.       

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I G.


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